Tips For Designing A Great Logo

18 Jan

Designing a logo sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, there is more than meets the eye. It involves a lot of thought. It also needs skill and creativity. In most cases, open-minded people make the best logo designers.

One, there is the use of the double Entendre technique. The method involves wrapping two pictures into one. The combined image needs to bring out a particular illusion. Colour is another important consideration in logo designing. Colours communicate and also bring out the meaning. Click here to know more!


Uniqueness is also key. New trends come up every day and one has to keep up to design a logo that is up to standard. Avoid being clich?. Making the logo 'ownable' is also vital. The logo should relate to what it stands for, rather represents. One should try deriving a logo from their own mind instead of using other people's ideas to make theirs.

Use of customised letters is also a way to make it appealing. They add a touch of uniqueness. In most cases, designers use this technique. This gives the logo a feel of the personal touch.  Keeping it simple is another way of bringing out greatness. The truth is, not everyone can come up with a beautiful illustration. Sometimes even the best designers do not make the best topographers. Simple logos at seem to be the most popular in the business world proving to be the best and withstanding the test of time.

Another way is considering proportion and symmetry. This is to ensure the image is well balanced, maintaining consistency with the curves and arcs. The work looks neater and more professional that way. Passive vs. active is a technique as well. This technique instills motion or a sense of activity into a logo. However, this concept cannot apply to all logos. It depends on the nature of the brand. This gives the logo an excellent boost. Know more about logos at

Another technique is the use of negative spaces. It is almost similar to the double entendre technique. This involves blending two or more pictures. Leaving a space which creates an illusion, mostly forming a shape that is camouflaged. It is regarded to as one of the cool pros of logo design.

Finally, one needs to know what a logo means. The logo needs to be reasonable with meaning. It should be able to bring out what it represents. It should show a company's mission, values, and vision.

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